Putting Off Maintenance Can Put You Out of Business

Your vehicle is your business; taking care of it should be a top priority

As a professional limousine driver, you are well aware of the importance of keeping your vehicle well-maintained, inside and out. But according to a study by the Car Care Council, 77% of vehicles on the road require some kind of service. The Council attributes this neglect to: drivers just putting simple maintenance off until something serious happens; the extreme weather the country has been experiencing; and busy work schedules leaving little time to get the work done.

The statistics are a bit surprising, considering how simple some of these simple maintenance needs are.

Of the vehicles surveyed:

  • 22% had low or dirty motor oil;
  • 20% had low, dirty, or leaking engine coolant;
  • 19% needed a new air filter;
  • 18% needed brake work or brake fluid;
  • 14% needed at least one belt replaced;
  • 14% needed new windshield wipers;
  • 14% needed new power steering or transmission fluid;
  • 13% needed at least one lamp replaced;
  • 11% needed maintenance on battery clamps, cables or terminals;
  • 10% had worn tires in need of replacement;
  • 9% were riding on improperly inflated tires; and
  • 8% had their “check engine” lights on.

While all of these items would fall into the pre-trip inspection check list for professional drivers, it could be tempting to leave some of these issues until later. That’s never a good idea, especially when you have paying passengers who are relying on you to get them to their destinations comfortably and on time. And with summer’s heat upon us, it’s a good time to rotate your tires and check that your air conditioning system is in proper working order.

Your vehicle is your business; taking care of it should be a top priority.

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