Behind The Scenes Of Auto Crash Tests

The series on the IIHS’ YouTube channel is called “Inside IIHS”.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is releasing a series of videos on their YouTube channel providing a behind the scenes glimpse of their Vehicle Research Center’s test programs which crash test the latest automobiles. The series is called “Inside IIHS” and three of the videos were released in May.

The first video, “Crash Test Dummies At Work,” is a three-minute look at the types of test dummies IIHS uses for their testing. They are amazing pieces of technological engineering, making every effort to re-create and calibrate the way a human body would react in a crash. A fully calibrated crash dummy can cost as much as $200,000.

“Frontal Offset Testing” is the second video in the series. It examines two frontal crashes tested with specific differences explained between the moderate overlap and the small overlap. Conclusions about a vehicle’s frontal crash rating are judged by how well the front end structure of the vehicle holds up, the measure of injuries the dummy suffers and how well the restraint systems perform.

The third video, “Measuring Roof Strength,” examines how people are being killed or injured during roll-over crashes and addresses the dangers coming from roof collapse and the risk of being ejected as the vehicle goes out of control. Also discussed is electronic stability control to reduce the chances of a driver losing control of a vehicle which can lead to a roll-over crash.

IIHS videos are taped at the Institute’s VehicleResearch Center in Ruckersville, Virginia. They are very well done and informative and running time is in the three-minute range.  Five more videos in the series will be uploaded to the channel every Tuesday through the first week in July.

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