Resources To Use For Limo Pre-Trip Planning

The FHWA website has an interactive map of the U.S. that shows real time traffic conditions.

As a professional limousine driver, performing a thorough pre-trip inspection of your vehicle is a must for safety and for avoiding annoying and preventable breakdowns along your route. Mapping out your destination is also an important step in helping to assure your trip goes off without the inconvenient delays caused by weather, construction, traffic jams or accidents.

The U.S. and state departments of Transportation are very good at using the amazing capabilities of the internet to give you access to the government’s vast resources that can help drivers have a smooth trip. When you are preparing to pick up passengers, take the time to visit a government site like the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) National Traffic and Road Closure Information page. This section offers traffic information for all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. Once you’re on the site, there is an interactive map of the U.S. where you can click on any state you are researching and find out in real time whether the route you were planning to take might have traffic congestion delays caused by volume, construction or an accident. The information gives you the opportunity to plan an alternate route to avoid the problem. The sites will even help you plan that different route with “Beat the Traffic” Information for most heavily-traveled areas.

Some of the other advantages these sites offer are advance travel advisories for weekends or holidays, traffic cameras that show locations with images that refresh every 10 seconds and real-time weather information and updates. You can also access each individual state’s DOT to keep yourself current on the latest rules, regulations and state roadway plans that you, as a professional chauffeur, would need to know because they could affect your daily trips.

The roadway system of the entire U.S. is offered to you through these sites. You should factor in some time during your pre-trip duties to access this very valuable information. With just a few clicks, you can save yourself time and trouble along your route.

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