A Limo Safety Plan For Spring Celebrations

Consider having a separate Code of Conduct or Rules Agreement for the passengers to sign.

It’s the season of proms and graduations again, and some of your best vehicles will be filled with teenagers. So it will be up to you, in partnership with your riders’ parents, to set the tone for requiring responsible behavior from everyone riding in your limousine by having a limo safety plan.

Start With a Signed Agreement

Adults who rent limousines for their children’s special night want their concerns addressed and their questions answered before they sign a contract that, among other things, covers the special circumstances that come with providing services to passengers who are often still minors. The person who signs the transportation agreement should be a parent or guardian who gives permission to the riders to use your services and who will be liable for charges and damages that might occur. Speak to the parent personally so you’re sure the contract signature is genuine. Obtain the parents’ phone numbers so they can be contacted in case of an emergency. As part of your limo safety plan, you should also consider having a separate Code of Conduct or Rules Agreement available for the passengers to sign. The agreement details the expected (and acceptable) behavior from your minor passengers when they’re riding in your vehicle. Keep a copy of the signed contracts on the vehicle being utilized.

What Are The Contract Rules?

The first thing parents and passengers should know is that if there is any violation of the contract rules, you will immediately terminate the trip, the responsible parent will be notified, all fees will be charged and forfeited and, though the driver will remain with the group, the parents will be responsible for picking up their children. Pick-up and drop-off locations and times for the trip should be detailed in the agreement, along with an exact itinerary provided by the parent. There should be no deviation from the plans. No side
trips will be allowed without the permission of the signing parent and the owner of the driver’s company. One of the rules you must enforce is prohibiting drugs, tobacco or alcohol in the vehicle. Stipulate that the driver has the right, at his or her discretion, to examine any backpacks or packages being brought on board. Use of these substances by minors is illegal and dangerous and could cause an accident both inside and outside your limousine. This behavior could put you at risk even though you had nothing to do with the actions of your passengers.

Other Safety Precautions

Before you depart, ask your passengers if they have any questions about the contract rules or the services you will be providing to avoid misunderstandings. Discourage risky behavior by keeping the moon roof locked-closed and the driver’s glass divider locked-open. And since state contractual laws vary, you should consult with your attorney to make sure your rules are appropriate. You want your passengers to have a great evening, so treat them with respect and provide them with transportation in the safest and most responsible way possible.

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