Study Focuses On Limo Driver Fatigue Issues

A poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) showed that many transportation industry workers struggle with sleep and, consequently, fatigue. The first-of-its-kind national survey on sleep habits of professional drivers, pilots and train operators, the 2012 Sleep in America Poll: Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Sleep, is an
eye-opener for professionals in the transportation industry, and in general, a pat on the back for limousine drivers/chauffeurs. The statistics here for limousine drivers were grouped with bus and taxi drivers because their responses were all in very similar percentage ranges, and much different than the responses of other transportation professionals.

The national internet survey polled 1,087 total respondents with a sample error of plus/minus 3%. The primary objectives of the research were:

  • To compare the sleep habits, including wake and bed time routines, across a range of transportation professionals;
  • To compare the sleep habits of transportation professionals to a control group of
    individuals between ages 25-65 who are NOT employed in transportation;
  • To compare coping measures for inadequate sleep for transportation professionals; and
  • To measure how work schedules, among other factors, impact sleep.

While the report asserted that a limousine driver’s daily shift varied and 59% reported usual start times between 6:00 am and 9:00 pm and end-shift times between noon and 6:00 pm, it needs to be noted that many limo drivers have other full-time jobs and only drive part-time – meaning that the average driving shift might be in addition
to a full day of work at their other job.

Limousine drivers say they get enough quality sleep on most working days, with 27% of respondents reporting sleeping 8 hours or more. This is significantly more than train operators or pilots. 53% of limo drivers also say they will take naps during break periods if they believe they need to sleep.

The survey has many more interesting statistics comparing the work and sleep habits of workers in the transportation industry. LimoDirect policyholders can order a free and exclusive copy of our highly acclaimed DVD: Driver Fatigue: A Deadly Serious Problem, available on our website, Sign in to our policyholder section and access the Safety/Loss Control section for more information.

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