Limousine Drivers: What Happened To Safe Driving?

As a leading limo insurance provider, we know that statistics don’t deter drivers who fail to come to a full stop at a red light or stop sign.

As professional limousine drivers, you are arguably among the best and safest drivers on our increasingly busy roadways. As we approach warmer weather and the crowded traffic conditions that brings, you may begin to wonder how so many of the drivers you observe could have forgotten – or choose to ignore – safe driving rules and behavior. So don’t let the bad habits of others on the road cause you to become frustrated, especially when you’re driving.

Keep Your Head
As one of the leading U.S.companies providing limousine insurance, we know chauffeurs are often behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle, including over-sized models that look very classy and expensive. It seems to be a quirk of human nature that other drivers don’t want you to have a better road position than they do, often resulting in careless and dangerous maneuvers by motorists who want to “beat” you or get ahead of your “classy” vehicle. Because you can’t determine what’s going on in other drivers’ minds, you have to be cautious when you’re approaching travel areas that could pose a danger. Concentrate on the road, especially in merge areas, keep space around your limousine and be aware of lane changers and vehicles traveling in your blind spots. Stay calm and obey the speed limits.

A Lost Art
It’s been estimated that almost 60% of drivers do not consistently use their turn signals. This basic element of safe driving may be considered a nuisance to careless drivers. Yet, as a professional limousine driver, you know that it’s important to signal the driving actions you are about to take. With drivers’ minds seemingly on everything but their driving, you can’t afford to let your attention wander. In fact, by using your signals, you actually help others be safer drivers. Communicating your intentions allows others to adjust their speed and distance as needed. Use your signals at all times, whether you’re in heavy traffic or driving in the early morning hours when it seems like yours is the only vehicle on the road. It helps reinforce the habit of signaling your intentions.

Another Danger Ignored
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), red light running in the U.S. results in 218,000 crashes, 880 deaths and 181,000 injuries each year. Yet, as a leading limo insurance provider, we know that these statistics don’t deter the many drivers who fail to come to a full stop at a red light or stop sign. Very often, a light has turned red, but at least one driver continues through with no thought to the danger. This is especially true at left-turn lights. It’s also a problem when vehicles fail to slow down or stop at amber lights. With delayed green, drivers all too often feel they are entitled to those few extra
seconds and speed up rather than slow down. Pay close attention to traffic signals and be prepared to slow down or stop based on the conditions that confront you. Limousine drivers can set on-the-road examples as how to drive safely and carefully for other drivers who may not be as safety conscious.

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