Limousine Drivers: Good Impressions Generate Referrals & Repeat Business

Do you ever consider the less obvious but necessary qualities a limousine driver should have in order to run a successful business?

Are you aware of the impression you make on your customers? Of course, appearance matters and it’s hard to imagine any professional limousine chauffeur showing up for work in jeans and a t-shirt! But what about the rest of your appearance? Is your hair combed? Does your suit look clean and pressed? Are your hands clean and fingernails clipped to a reasonable length? What about personal hygiene? While all of this may seem quite obvious to any self-respecting chauffeur, do you ever consider the less obvious but necessary qualities a limousine driver should have in order to run a successful business?

The Best Qualities To Have

A recent article posted on Articles Alley, a website devoted to postings from various industry experts on a wide variety of topics, outlined several essential qualities that limousine drivers need to attract and keep customers coming back. One important quality is being prepared. Before every trip, make sure you know the most efficient routes to take and also alternate roads to travel if you are faced with long traffic delays. Before you leave, check on possible adverse weather conditions along your route so you can make alternate plans for a safe drive. Be punctual to your pick up location. Arriving early is much preferable to getting there late. Always be courteous and don’t let a customer who might be in a bad mood affect your behavior. Have a smile on your face, open the doors, take care of storing and retrieving luggage, do what you can to
keep your clients comfortable from the start, during and at the finish of the trip. Respect the privacy of your clients and that means not talking about them to others after you’ve dropped them off, especially when the clients may be well-known persons.

Important Quality #1

Above everything, you should never neglect your good driving skills. Don’t ever lose your attention on the road ahead. Are you answering your phone, even a hands-free one? In many cases, it shows a disregard for the law and for everyone on the road. Do you continually hard-brake in crowded traffic situations? That indicates you are traveling too fast for the traffic conditions. Do you allow yourself to be bothered by what other drivers do and then complain about it to your customers? That portrays you as short-tempered and impatient – not great qualities to be displaying to customers who have a choice on who they hire to get them from place to place.

Two Things That Customers Will Appreciate

Having a working knowledge of more than one language could be a factor that sets your services apart. Being professionally trained in basic first aid techniques and carrying a first aid kit in your limousine can also be an advantage.

Remember, you’ll never get a second chance to make that first impression.

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