Proper Chauffeur Hiring is Key to Limousine Company Success – Part I

Your Chauffeur Is Your Company

Driver selection and chauffeur hiring are the most critical management functions in maintaining a safe limousine operation.  When you fail to select and hire properly, the result is always unsafe acts committed by unqualified drivers.  When driver selection and chauffeur hiring is done properly and management adheres to established company standards, a better chauffeur force will result.  Your company IS personified by your drivers so why not make the selection, hiring and retention of your most valuable resource your top priority.

It is important that you and your company abide by both the spirit and the letter of the law in all areas of operations.  In the process of recruiting, selecting and hiring chauffeurs this requires operators and managers to be familiar with all aspect of state and local laws and regulations.

Hiring the wrong driver could result in accidents and the associated high cost of a claims settlement.  The chauffeur reflects your company and a poor selection or shoddy hiring practices will cost you in the end.   It is better to have a vacant position then to fill it with the wrong person who does not meet your standards.  Shortcuts in the hiring process can be deadly to both your business and your customers.