Limo Company Rules and Standards

A prepared limo driver is a safer limo driver.

Establishing limo company rules and standards doesn’t just apply to large limousine businesses with hundreds of employees. Any rules and standards you might expect from someone you would hire for a limo company should apply to you as well. The longer you stay in the limo business, the more responsibility you will take on and the better you keep yourself neat, healthy, courteous and organized, the more successful you will be. Be sure to take the time to develop some rules for your business and a set of standards for yourself that you follow during every work situation.

The Department Of Labor website can offer you some ideas about standards that will be helpful for a limousine company business owner. The site also offers help with establishing rules that you yourself should follow so that you make necessary decisions thoughtfully and with confidence. Pay attention to the things you need to practice consistently to keep customers calling you first. For every trip, consider:

  • Time and Schedules: arrivals, departures, waiting, on-duty limits;
  • Safe Driving: following distance, speed, intersections, highway driving, use of signals, avoiding distractions, dealing with fatigue;
  • Your Appearance: cleanliness, grooming, uniform, accessories;
  • Vehicle Condition: pre-trip inspections, cleaning and polishing, maintenance, fuel and oil;
  • Customer Service: pickup/drop off procedures, baggage handling, stops enroute, itinerary changes;
  • Billing and Payments: fare schedules, credit, handling cash, extra services, gratuities.

Be sure to contact your state Department of Motor Vehicles to determine exactly what specific governmental requirements limo companies must comply with before you even put a vehicle on the road. It’s very true that you never get the chance to make a second first impression and you have to keep this in mind whenever you pick up a customer, whether it’s the first time or it’s a job from a repeat client. Giving yourself common sense rules and standards to follow for every trip will help keep you in demand and ahead of the competition.