Controlling Your Limousine Insurance Costs By Blowing Your Own Horn


Controlling Limousine Insurance Costs

Look upon the limousine insurance application process as a marketing opportunity to sell your unique and compelling attributes to agents and underwriters.

Although the cost of Limousine Insurance is not as critical a consideration today as it was in the early 2000’s, considering the formidable challenges confronted by limousine companies in today’s tumultuous marketplace, it is an area where some expense relief might be welcomed.  While fuel costs and the state of the overall U.S. economy are today’s hot button issues, the cyclical nature of insurance pricing will eventually move it back to or near the top of the list sometime down the road.

Promote Uniqueness

Interestingly, whenever limousine company owners have an opportunity to verbally describe their operations, the points they make are striking.  Specifically, they go to great lengths detailing how their company is decidedly different (and better) than their competitors for a variety of reasons.

Unfortunately, when it comes to applying for an insurance quote, painfully little of that positive message reaches those who need to know it most — the insurance underwriters.  Don’t allow that to happen. Look upon the insurance application process as a marketing opportunity to sell your unique and compelling attributes to agents and underwriters. 

Getting Started

  • Put together a “sales” piece similar to what you would use to sell a top client.
  • Include any awards your company gets from customers, civic groups, industry magazines or other pertinent sources.
  • Just like you always answer the question, “Why should I hire you?” when putting together sales pieces, answer the question, “Why should I give your company better rates?” when preparing for your insurance renewals.
  • Include differentiators such as chauffeur safety training, sensitivity training, CPR, on the road and class room training, etc. That will show how your company is not just another cookie cutter operation.
  • Include industry involvement.  People who are involved in industry associations (both nationally and locally) are usually the ones who take operating to letter of the law very seriously.  If you participate on the board of an association or in some other capacity, let us know.
  • If clients are raving fans and have sent testimonials, put them in the package.
  • Include information about your packages and what makes your company truly unique.
  • Tell us who is using your service—Be a name dropper.  If Microsoft uses you exclusively, that is something that will help the underwriter understand more about your company. 
  • Remember that although your agent knows you and your company, he may not be conveying all of the great attributes that will make a difference to your underwriter. 
  • Keep a file that you update as things occur throughout the year.  When your renewals come up, you will have all of the information in one place ready to go.